Hungry for Lifelong Vitality? Revealing My Top 5 Tried and Tested Longevity Supplements You Should Be Taking For Your 2023 Regimen!

By: Dr. Kenneth Edwards

Date: July 12, 2023

When it comes to increasing longevity, the supplement world is like a wild carnival, filled with flashy promises and bizarre rides.

Should you be taking Fish Oil? Collagen? Rhodiola? Sketchy Nootropics you see at the dark corners of the internet?

Hundreds of my patients like you have been lured into this supplement circus, throwing their time, cash, and dreams at stuff that’s about as effective as a paper umbrella in a storm.

I’m guessing you don’t want to end up as a target for these sketchy supplements…

And that’s where my expertise takes the stage, because I’m here to save you from the hassle.

Over the course of my medical career, I’ve compiled a small yet potent catalog of longevity supplements that actually live up to their promises. These have been proven effective not only for patients in their 40s and 50s but have also played a pivotal role in replenishing my own energy, vitality, and igniting a renewed connection with my youthful core.

Hundreds of my patients are currently reaping the benefits of these supplements, and enjoying heightened energy, sharper cognitive function, enchanted sleep, and a renewed zest for life.

So allow me to guide you through my tried and tested list of 5 supplements that have the potential to greatly enhance your well-being.

But before we continue, let me quickly explain why this list is so powerful…

The sole mission of these 5 supplements is to ramp up your NAD+ levels.

If you’re not familiar with the term, NAD+ stands for Nicotinamide Adenine Dinucleotide – a natural molecule that plays a pivotal role in fueling your body’s energy production…

But here’s the catch: By the time you hit 50, you’ve lost a whopping 50% of your NAD+, leaving you vulnerable to mitochondrial disorders and premature aging.

Unlocking the key to graceful aging hinges on boosting your NAD+ levels – and that’s precisely where these 5 supplements shine.

Over the past 6 years, I’ve meticulously examined more than 30 different brands, yet none have matched up to the effectiveness of these 5 top choices.

While I don’t believe there’s a 100% magic pill for graceful aging, based on my own experience and feedback from patients, the top picks on this list are remarkably close to that enchanted solution.

So, without wasting any more time, let’s get right into this list.

To this day, I have yet to come across anything as potent and budget-friendly as Vitruvin’s Longevity Plus Bundle.

Each time I suggest this bundle to my clients in their 40s or 50s, a mere 2 weeks later, I invariably receive phone calls attesting to increased energy, significant reduction in brain fog, and notable improvement in sleep quality.

In a few select cases, patients have noticed significant changes in just 3 days, reporting reduced inflammation and stiffness.

This powerful age-defying trio consists of Spermidine, Apigenin, and Resveratrol.

The synergistic blend of these three remarkable supplements performs miracles in revitalizing your cells and DNA, allowing you to uphold peak mental and physical performance as you age.

What sets this brand apart is its commitment to 3rd party lab testing and production in GMP-certified, FDA-compliant facilities. That’s the assurance I require to be confident in obtaining the utmost quality and purity in a supplement.

In addition, it’s gluten-free, gelatin-free, non-GMO, and manufactured right here in the US, which checks all the boxes I look for in a top-notch supplement brand.

Ranking Vitruvin as the #1 spot lies in the swift and noticeable effects I’ve observed both in myself and my patients. Plus, at a mere $80, I’ve yet to come across a more cost-effective option that provides such excellent value for money.

Comes in at a slightly higher price point compared to our leading contender, but Tru Niagens original formula and its effects on longevity speak for itself.

I’ve experimented with it over a few weeks in the past, and though I didn’t experience a dramatic surge in my energy levels, it notably reduced my brain fog and brought stability to my blood pressure levels, which was a significant concern at that time.

Every product from Tru Niagen undergoes meticulous testing for potency, safety, and purity, ensuring the provision of the highest-quality supplement achievable for consumers.

Although this brand is strong and its supplement effects are clear, it’s ranked #2 instead of #1 because I personally saw similar but less potent effects than Vitruvin, and it’s a tad bit more expensive.

Elysium may come with a relatively high price tag, nearly three times the cost of our #1 and #2 contenders. However, if you’re open to investing in your supplement regimen, this could very well be a game-changer for you.

This “Aging Starter Pack” comprises four supplements designed to fortify your immune system and elevate NAD+ levels to combat aging at the deepest level, which is just what we’re looking for.

I sampled this starter pack two years ago. While it did enhance my energy levels and overall activity level, it took around a month for the effects to become noticeable. Considering the pricey markup for Elysium, I put it in the #3 spot.

This bundle secured its spot on the list due to the recent surge of positive reviews, and they do look promising.

Around a year ago, I personally incorporated this supplement into my routine for a consistent three-week duration. During this time, I observed a slight enhancement in motivation levels and memory, particularly as I was actively pursuing a lifelong goal of learning French.

Unfortunately, I had to stop using it relatively soon due to changes in my diet.

Although the product’s performance lived up to the reviews, the price feels a tad steep for the servings in each tub, which is why it holds position #4 in my list.

This remains the only supplement bundle I have yet to integrate into my regimen.

Why did I decide to include it on this list? It’s solely because the ingredients they use are well-known in the industry to block off the effects of oxidizing chemicals and inflammation – the key players in age-related issues. This bundle contains three different formulas that perfectly synergize to keep your mind and body at peak performance as the years pass. Plus, their “Memory” formula goes beyond slowing physical aging, and also acts as a shield against cognitive decline.

This brand is relatively new and lacks any reviews for now, so if your selections hinge on social proof, this is probably not the best option for you. Nevertheless, based on my research and the excellence of the ingredients they use in their products, I’m convinced this brand will ascend to the top in the coming years.

The only drawback to this bundle is its steep price tag of $175. If you’re aiming for the most substantial value, you might find it beneficial to revisit the top contenders.

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